A New Team Launched, in K.U.L., Poland

by Bible.In.Its.Traditions

Two alumnii, doctors in Scientia Biblica of the École, with one of their colleague of Catholic Lublin University (Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski) have started to work on the Gospel according to John, in English.

Please meet

Fr. Dr. Mirosław Stanisław WRÓBEL
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A professor of John Paul II Catholic University in Lublin; doctor of Biblical Sciences of the École Biblique in Jerusalem; doctor of biblical theology.
He is director of department of Biblical Philology and Intertestamental Literature in Biblical Institute and director of the project Aramaic Bible.
He is author of many books and articles about Gospel of John, rabbinic and targumic literature. He is the member of Society of Biblical Literature and Catholic Biblical Association.

Fr. Dr. Adam Kubiś
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An Assistant Professor at the Institute of Biblical Studies, at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland, doctor of Biblical Sciences of the École Biblique in Jerusalem.
Main field of research: The Gospel of John.
A member of the editorial board of two biblical journals: a Book Review Editor of The Biblical Annals and an Assistant General Editor of Verbum Vitae.
A member of the Society of Biblical Literature and the Society of Polish Biblical Scholars.

Dr hab. Krzysztof Mielcarek
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A theologian and a biblical scholar (SSL), born September 25th 1963 in Elbląg.
He is an associate professor (2009-) in KUL at the Faculty of Theology. Currently, he serves as the director of the Department of Exegesis of the Narrative Books of the New Testament.
He authored over thirty articles and two monographies: Jezus - Ewangelizator ubogich [Jesus - Evangelizer of the poor], Lublin: AND, 1994 and Ιερουσαλημ, Ιεροσολυμα. Starotestamentowe i hellenistyczne korzenie Łukaszowego obrazu świętego miasta w świetle onomastyki greckiej [Old Testament and Hel­­le­ni­stic roots of the Lucan image of the Holy City in the light of Greek ono­ma­stics], Lublin: Wydawnictwo KUL, 2008. Editor of many biblical festschrifts and collective works.

Of course all three of them are willing to collaborate with many other Johannine scholars:

Do not hesitate to write to us and offer your contribution on John , from one note, to a full-fledged annotation in one of the rubrics of the programme