Summer Visits in Jerusalem

by Bible.In.Its.Traditions

Łukasz Popko, Emmanuel Nathan and Dermot Nestor

Australian Colleagues

Fr. Łukasz Popko, director of our Steering Committee, welcomed profs. Emmanuel Nathan (Associate Dean for Research, Faculty of Theology and Philosophy) and Dermot Nestor, from Australian Catholic University, on the 20th of June, to explore some promising projects of collaboration using our platform.

ERC "Mapping Ancient Polytheism"

On the 12th of July, the same , with fr. Olivier-Thomas Venard, presented our programme to the numerous participants in the Summer School organized by our colleague prof. Corinne Bonnet (Histoire Ancienne, Université de Toulouse - Jean Jaurès, France), director of the ERC Mapping Ancient Polytheisms (MAP - 741182)

D'aimables revenants

(De g. à dr.) Marie Gué, Éléonore Mermet, Clément Millet, Anaelle Roseta
Joie de revoir, en fin de mois de juillet, Éléonore Mermet et Clément Millet, AMI BEST en 2017-2018, de passage en Terre sainte pour quelques jours !