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by Bible.In.Its.Traditions

Abstracts from the general Program

Continuing Seminar: The Bible and Digital Humanities

Focus for 2017: Digital Tools for Teaching and Research
Seminar Leaders in 2017: Olivier-Thomas Venard, O.P., École Biblique de Jérusalem & Todd Hanneken, St. Mary’s University
(We mentioned Todd's wonderful Jubilee Palimpsest project last year)

Program Details for 2017:

Digital tools have changed the way we study biblical literature; the way we train the next generation of interpreters is changing in turn. This year's seminar considers three aspects of the new opportunities and challenges for teaching and research with digital tools. First, the Bible in Its Traditions project at the École Biblique offers a collaborative workspace for study of the
textual and exegetical traditions of the Bible. Second, the study and teaching of manuscripts has been revolutionized by imaging technologies that greatly enhance the capabilities of the human eye and web-based environments that greatly enhance access for teaching and scholarly collaboration. Third, digital tools such as BibleWorks, Accordance, and the Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library offer shortcuts and alternatives to parsing, lexicons, and concordances. How does our teaching and what we expect students to memorize change accordingly?

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Resources for Teaching and Research in Ancient Texts and Traditions of the Bible: École Biblique's The Bible in Its Traditions project

Olivier-Thomas Venard, O.P., École biblique de Jérusalem
Kevin Stephens, O.P., Aquinas Institute of Theology / École biblique de Jérusalem

Monday, August 7, 2017

Resources for Teaching and Research in Manuscripts: The Sinai Palimpsests Project, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Jubilees Palimpsest Project

Michael Phelps, Early Manuscripts Electronic Library
Andrew Gross, Catholic University of America
Todd Hanneken, St. Mary's University

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Teaching Biblical Philology in Light of Digital Tools

Hugo Méndez, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Eric Sias, Graduate Theological Union