Dear Friends

by Bible.In.Its.Traditions

Collaborators and Supporters of The Bible in its Traditions,

Merry Christmas!
Happy and Holy New Year 2018!

"Our Lady with the inkwell" (15th c.), contemplated in the treasure of the Liège Cathedral (Belgium) in July: when the Mother of the Word helps Him with writing...

2017 has been a year rich in blessings, especially on our efforts to serve the general public:

  • Our weekly newsletter PRIXM reaches each Sunday more than 100,000 French-speaking addresses; please help us to launch the English version in 2018!
  • Our Digital Scroll, has been considerably enriched with the digital achievement of an English Polyglot available to all (although the scroll is still "experimental," already several hundreds of you subscribed) ;
  • Our biblical show "Divine Syllables" have been rewarded by a prestigious award

And in the field of research:

— not to mention promising collaborations continued with many other institutions and the patient work of so many contributors who are concocting the next books.

May the year 2018 be as rich in scientific and cultural developments as 2017, manifesting the life of Him Who breathes deep through the text of Scriptures!

Thank you to each of our collaborators, our readers and our benefactors for their encouragement and (all tax-free) donations.

Blessings from the Holy City of Jerusalem, where we hope to welcome you this year,

fr. Olivier-Thomas Venard o.p.
and all the members of our Jerusalem office.