Atelier à Jérusalem | Workshop in Jerusalem

by Bible.In.Its.Traditions

Fr. Kevin Stephens OP, our chief prgrammer, spends his summer time working on both his SSD, in the magnificent library of the École Biblique, and on our IT development. His presence in Jerusalem allows him to be directly in touch with collaborators actually working in their labs on, hence fosters many improvement of the collaborator interface.

Fr. Kevin in the front, solving an issue for Dr Eugen Pentiuc


Two contributors spent several weeks with us, working in the library and at the office :

Mgr. Dr. Eugen Pentiuc, Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages
Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, is finishing to enter his translation and notes on Hosea, and learning how to use our workspaces as pedagogical tools for research seminars with students.

We are thrilled having Fr. Eugen Pentiuc as main contributor to our Bible project, on the book of Hosea. His multifaceted scholarly expertise, especially his highly recognized philological skills, his interpretive insights, both based on fresh textual criticism and anchored in tradition, and his enthusiasm, are commendable.
His presence among us and our collaboration provides us one more opportunity to appeal to our Orthodox scholar-brothers, inheritors of such a rich hermeneutical and theological tradition, to join us in retrieving the Bible as has been read for two thousand years, in the same time as we pass it on to the digital era.

Both St Vladiimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary in New York, and Hellenic College Holy Cross in Boston echo Prof. Pentiuc's presence in Jerusalem, which means a lot fot the oecumenical dimension of our Project.

Fr. Marc de Raimond

A pastor in the diocese of Versailles (France) and a lecturer at the Collège des Bernardins in Paris, he spent ten days with us to launch his contribution to the edition of the Gospel according to John.

Marc de Raimond in the center