From One Semester to the Next at Our Office in Jerusalem

by Bible.In.Its.Traditions

To celebrate the end of the first semester, all the office had a joyful "chippy" at Mahane Yehuda — a nice opportunity to thank all our sponsors for their support :

left to right : Sarah Whitear, Charlotte Sceats, Maureen Attali, O.-Th. Venard, Antonin Charrié-Benoist, Bieke Mahieu, Malouine de Dieuleveult

Charlotte and Malouine are now back in Europe — both of them have been wonderful collaborators during their stay here. Malouine continues her collaboration from Paris, where she also heads our seminar at the E.N.S.

For the second semester, besides Bieke Mahieu, Maureen Attali and Sarah Whitear, Tiphaine Rocke-Lorieux and Anthonin Charrié-Benoist, both belonging to the École Normale Supérieure, have joined us for until June.