"The Bible in Jerusalem" : An International Conference of Young Dominican Exegetes

by Bible.In.Its.Traditions


Between the 3rd and the 5th of January, a dozen of young Dominican biblical scholars joined their effort to think of the future of Biblical Studies within the Order of Preachers.
For their "workshop", they used the technology of The Bible in Its Traditions... May some of them eventually launch new teams on the books which they study !

Here is their rich programme :

The Bible in Jerusalem,
January 3rd to 5th 2015


8h30 Presentation of the workshop + the word of welcome by the Prior Guy Tardivy op and the Director of EBAF Marcel Sigrist op
9h–10h Worship, wisdom and Creation in Ben Sira – Jordan SCHMIDT op
10h30-11h30 'What if Israel was God’s stubborn and rebellious son? Deuteronomy 21:18-21; Jeremiah 5:23; Psalm 78:8 – Bruno CLIFTON op
14h30 – 15h30 The relevance of Patristic commentaries for the exegesis of the LXX – inquiry into saint Cyrill of Alexandria’s commentary on Ambakoum – Renaud SILLY op
15h30 – 16h30 Aquila’s Greek targum- Anthony GIAMBRONE op
16h30 – 17h : Pause
17 h – 18 h The Syriac Translation of Genesis 22 - Srečko KORALIJA op
20h30 Recreation and focused discussions


9h – 10h “Double mouth” of Elishah - Łukasz POPKO OP
10h – 11 h Targum Pseudo-Jonathan of Exodus 4:24-26 – Jakub BLUJ op
15h00 – 18hoo Biblical Workshop opened by the user-friendly introduction to the www.bibest.org by Olivier-Thomas Venard op
20h30 Informal but focused discussions


9h – 10 h 'Truth and hermeneutics: How a Thomist Epistemology can illumine the hermeneutic circle – Christopher BRANNAN op
10 h – 11h Possible theological meanings for Catholics of a renewed Jewish presence in the Holy Land – Eric ROSS op
15h00 – 18h00Biblical Workshop
20h30 Meeting with the Members of the Ecole