Ongoing Work in Jerusalem

by Bible.In.Its.Traditions

Jewish liturgical uses of Scripture

Mr. Peter Nahon est venu passer deux semaines à Jérusalem au mois de juin, pour continuer son annotation en Liturgie sur le vénérable rite sephardi, des Israélites de France.

A Long Time Coming: Fr. Pentiuc’s Work to be Published as B.E.S.T.’s First Fruit!

Fr. Eugen J. Pentiuc, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages at HCHC (Boston) has just completed his research work at École Biblique et Archéologique Française (EBAF) in Jerusalem.

For four summers (2010, ’13, ’15, ’16), Fr. Eugen has been working assiduously on his contribution (Book of Hosea). By the end of 2016, Fr. Eugen’s work will be embedded into pre-designed template on the official B.E.S.T website (

Fr. Olivier-Thomas Venard, OP, B.E.S.T. Project Executive Director notices, “We owe to Fr. Eugen a great debt of gratitude for his excellent work on Hosea. Fr. Eugen’s contribution will be published by Peeters and we hope and will do all the possible so that itbe ready for presentation at the 2017 annual meeting of SBL in Boston.” Dean James C. Skedros adds, “If any word!”