Mark the Dates: 2017 Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting in Boston

by Bible.In.Its.Traditions

During that meeting held in Boston, MA from 11/18/2017 to 11/21/2017,

Jean-François Racine (Santa Clara University, G.T.U.— Berkeley) will present

"Going Deep and Beyond the Expectations of a Term Paper: Student Contributions to the Website Bible in Its Traditions," in the program unit Academic Teaching and Biblical Studies.

Olivier-Thomas Venard (École biblique, Jerusalem) will present

"Volumen, Codex, Hexapla, Polyglott, Database: Can One Single Digital Interface Encapsulate the History of the Book? (A Critical Presentation of The Bible in Its Traditions Digital Scroll:," in the program unit Digital Humanities in Biblical, Early Jewish, and Christian Studies

One year after Philippiens, our first biblical book in French,

we also hope to release our first full-fledged biblical book in English, Hosea, and will be present in the book exhibit, with our publishers, Peeters.